Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Weekly Kids' Writing Prompts (Fairy Tale Edition)

We've been dealing a lot in fairy tales this winter. Even my own son has gotten in on it and is working on a sort of tale, complete with happily ever after, of his own.

My favorite activity with kids in the classroom involves skewing all they know about traditional fairy tales and making them come up with alternative tales. Fracturing the common elements in these stories really opens up their creative thinking and starts the ideas flowing.

Here are three I love to use.

1. Imagine Little Red Riding Hood figures a way to save herself before making it to Grandma's house. What does she do? How does she defeat the wolf without the help of the huntsman?

2. What if Jack were the villain of the story and the Giant were the main character? Write a short tale about Jack the Thief and the unsuspecting Giant.

3. Let's say that Cinderella's other shoe broke as well. Write an ending to her story that gets her a happily ever after without the footwear!

Happy writing!
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