Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tiny humans and gearing up for NANO 2012

By tiny humans, I mean the five 4th grade classes I have the honor of teaching creative writing to. I have five separate classes and about, oh, 98 students that I work with each Friday.

It's wonderful. It's terrifying. It's gratifying. It's exhausting...all wrapped up into one. And the absolute greatest gift from this year-long assignment I'll get is the fire it's lit inside to get writing again. Wooo!

Tomorrow kicks off my second attempt at know...that month-long event where you produce 50,000 words by killing yourself each and every day. I'm excited about it and hope that I get some good, quality words addition to sticking it out for once. I think I made it four whole days in 2010!

Taking a small, month-long break from the Middle Grade scene and pursuing a dark urban fantasy vibe for the Nano trip. But I'll be back!

Happy Nano-ing!
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