Thursday, March 7, 2013

kid lit chronicles: this moose belongs to me by oliver jeffers

it's like oliver jeffers (website) has been to my house or something...

with four kids (three of them four years or under), i find myself the mediator of epic ownership battles of cosmic proportions. and by  mediator, i mean throw the offending toy into "toy jail" until everyone forgets about it and fights about the play doh. or the crayons. or mom's left flip flop (true story). and when it comes to books (especially picture books!), we tend to proclaim all books as "house" books

ownership and possession are huge in our world and jeffers' book "this moose is mine" came into it at just the right time.

it's a sweet concept. wilfred meets a moose he names marcel. he believes he is marcel's owner and sets about laying down the rules of this "ownership." marcel wanders away. hilarity ensues. other "owners" surface and other names for our hero moose find their way on the page. it's all one beautiful circle of un-ownership.

nana sent them the book because although alexander dzigurski's artwork (fully featured as amazing story backdrop) depicts the american midwest, it looks so much like alaska. we moved from alaska last summer and the boys sometimes miss seeing big river panoramas and city moose ambling through downtown on a daily basis. pretty sure they don't miss the cold, though. i know i sure don't!

it's a beautiful book and i think we're on night number 6,709 straight of reading it before bed. it's even made it to the hallowed "bathtime book" know, the books they ask for when they're dumping water on hotwheels cars and want a book read to them. again.

this is one special book. thanks, nana.

title: this moose belongs to me
author: oliver jeffers
age: 3 and up
published: november 2012
list price: $16.99
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