Monday, April 1, 2013

P.A.D. 2013: Day 1

It's Poem A Day month over at the Poetic Asides blog. I love the Poetic Asides blog. I really do. Today's prompt:

For today’s prompt, write a new arrival poem. The new arrival could be a baby or a person. The new arrival might be a car or other piece of technology. Heck, the new arrival might be an idea or poem. (Btw, if you’re a new arrival to the site and this challenge, take a peak below about commenting.)

I have four kids and I was SOOO tempted to write about one of them "arriving." You know, due dates, labor, icky goo stuff.


Here's a "refugee" poem straight from our live last summer. Oh, and keep in mind, I'm not jotting these things down in a notebook, editing them, refining them, dotting them with beautiful language (as if!). Nope. This IS my notebook this month and I'll probably cull from these and then edit. So, be kind? No judging?

refuge (goodbye anchorage)

i imagined our arrival

no monotonous airport music
olive green overhead lighting
uninterested airport drones
or the heat.

i imagined more.

a ticker tape parade, maybe?
a happy-to-see-you slap on the back?
a lime and cherry sno cone?

it was fitting.

the way we left--
was the same way
we arrived.

befuddled. dismayed.
and weighed down
with a thick sadness
that turned to a clinging humidity
in houston.

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